Toronto-based, international published, photographer Dominic has an extensive experience and background in the news and publishing industry that transforms clients' needs into reality in an ever changing, highly competitive, and time sensitive market.

Thrilled by the challenges in live events and often unscripted moments, Dominic has been able to capture that precise moment from entertainment celebrities to corporate executives to politicians.

Clients include Bell Media, Shaw Media, Rogers Media, QMI Agency, WENN, Government of Canada, Just For Laughs, imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival, Niagara Integrated Film Festival, Canadian Music Week, Toronto Jewish Film Festival, and YouTube Fan Festival just to name a few.

Dominic is available for assignments world wide.

**If you have came to this new site because of an older blog which features celebrities and news shot almost daily, Dominic is still the very same photographer except many of my clients and focuses have change and decided to start all over again. While entertainment is still part of Dominic's focus, much of his time has been devoted to special projects, commercial and government clients and many photos are not posted here.